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Research Fund Application

Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board (PCFB)
Research Fund
Guide For Applicants


A. Introduction

The Pneumoconiosis Compensation Fund Board (“PCFB”) set up a research fund (the “Fund”) for the purpose of supporting worthwhile projects that are related to the prevention, diagnosis, assessment of disability, treatment and rehabilitation of Pneumoconiosis and/or Mesothelioma in Hong Kong.

This guidance note aims to provide general information to potential applicants of the Fund with an overview of the objectives of the Fund and the relevant application requirements. In addition to the information provided in this guidance note, PCFB may issue supplementary information and guidance notes from time to time. Please check the PCFB website for updates before submitting your application.

B. Scope of the Fund

For any application for the Fund, the project must be related to either one of the following aspects of Pneumoconiosis and/or Mesothelioma:

  • prevention                       
  • diagnosis
  • assessment of disability
  • treatment
  • rehabilitation            

Laboratory/Research & Development studies contributing to the above aspects will be considered.

The above aspects may be subject to change and refinement by PCFB. PCFB will also from time to time determine the thematic priorities for each aspect. The thematic priorities will be announced concurrently with the open call for applications and will be publicized on PCFB’s website at

The findings of the project must be applicable to Hong Kong and benefit the local Pneumoconiosis and/or Mesothelioma patients or the relevant industry.

C. Eligibility for Application

Companies registered under the laws of Hong Kong and individuals are eligible to apply.

Collaborative research is encouraged and co-applicants may work together in a project team.

Overseas applications may also be considered but preference will be given to local applications.

Unless under very special circumstances, PCFB will not consider funding projects which have already received grants from other institution(s). Applicants should declare any duplicate funding in the Fund application forms. Applicants should notify the PCFB Secretariat immediately for any approved grants of similar or related projects.

D. Assessment of Application

Funding applications will be assessed based on its benefits and impacts and whether it demonstrates the ability to achieve the objectives of the Fund and examined by the Board of PCFB, any committee(s) and/or subcommittee(s) as may be assigned by the Board from time to time for and on behalf of PCFB. PCFB may invite third party expert reviewer(s) to give independent professional advice on the project. Under such circumstances, the information submitted to PCFB, including the applicant’s personal information, will be disclosed to the designated third party.

The applicant’s background, expertise and experience in related research may also form part of the assessment criteria for PCFB to determine whether to approve the particular application. PCFB may make inquiries to applicants, invite the applicants to supply further information or documentary evidence in support or attend interviews during the assessment process.

Applicants shall refer to relevant practical guidelines published by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (including but not limited to Strengthening Integrity and Accountability - Government Funding Schemes Grantee's Guidebook and Public-Private Partnership Programmes for Healthcare Services - Corruption Prevention Guide for Service Providers), properly and lawfully utilize the Fund so as to achieve the objectives of the projects

The abovementioned criteria are not exhaustive and that the Board of PCFB, any committee(s) and/or subcommittee(s) may take into consideration other factors when assessing the funding applications. Applicants will normally be informed within three months from the date of the end of the submission period the decision of the Board or progress of vetting.

Successful applicants (the grantees) would be notified by letter and would be required to enter into an agreement with PCFB in such form and on such terms as PCFB shall specify (the “Agreement”).

E. Funding Arrangements for Successful Applications

1. Project Period

Funded projects must start within three months of the grant approval date and should be completed within the time-frame as stated in the project schedule. Extension of the project duration may be considered where properly justified.

2. Funding Limit

Funds may be granted for full or partial support of projects.

PCFB reserves the right to fund any projects by stages.

The maximum amount to be granted for a project is limited to HK$1,500,000 per year.

PCFB retains the sole and final discretion to determine the amount of Fund to be granted.

Special funding arrangements may be considered by PCFB on a case-by-case basis which would be at the sole and absolute discretion of PCFB.

3. Reporting Requirements

Upon obtaining approval of the grants for a project, grantees will generally be required to submit progress reports and interim financial reports on a regular basis (usually every 6 months) during the project period, and a final report and an end-of-project financial statement within three months upon completion of the project. PCFB may require grantees to submit additional reports and documents in support from time to time.

PCFB may also invite grantees to give formal presentation(s) on any report submitted to the Board of PCFB. This forms part of the reporting requirement and grantees must comply with the request.

For any grantees who fail to comply with the above reporting requirements, PCFB may withhold any future payment or make a request for a full refund (plus interest) of any paid amount of the Fund and report to the grantee’s serving institution

F. Prevention of Bribery

For applicants of sponsorship or research fund application, you shall not and shall ensure that your director, member, agent and employee shall not give or offer any advantages as defined under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to any agent or employee of PCFB. You are also prohibited from colluding with other bidders in the invitation exercise in whatever forms (e.g. price rigging). Any breach of or non-compliance with these clauses by the applicant shall, without affecting the application’s liability for such breach or non-compliance, invalidate his application.

If the applicant, director, member, employee or agent of the applicant shall be found to have committed an offence under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance in relation to the application or the agreement, PCFB may terminate the agreement without entitling the applicant to any compensation therefore, and the applicant shall be liable for all losses and expenses necessarily incurred by PCFB as the result of such termination of the agreement.

G. Privacy and Personal Data

The personal data provided in the application form will be used by PCFB for the purpose of assessing the applications. For successful applications, such data will also be used for project monitoring, research and statistical analysis, promotion, publicity and dissemination purposes as appropriate.

H. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright of all reports (including progress reports) and related publications should be assigned to PCFB. PCFB may release these reports.

The assignment should not preclude in any way normal academic and professional use of research data and documents. Applicants may, publish their reports in any peer-reviewed journals or present the reports in public forum and scientific meetings but a copy of such publication should be sent to PCFB afterwards. In all these events, funding and support given to the work by PCFB should be properly acknowledged.

I. Application procedures

1. Applicants should collect an application form from PCFB Secretariat or download the form from the PCFB homepage at

2. A completed application form should be submitted to the PCFB Secretariat together with a detailed proposal stating background information and significance of the project, objectives, plan and methodology, budget breakdown and its justification, time schedule and other information as may be specified in the application form from time to time.

3. Successful applicants are required to sign an agreement with PCFB. Such agreement will set out in detail the conditions of the Fund.

J. Enquiries

PCFB Secretariat

15/F Nam Wo Hong Building
148 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel:  3578 8102
Fax: 2116 0116